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A Cutting Edge Dental Lab Committed To A Better Process

The droids at Droid Dental have the most advanced A.I. (Actual Intelligence) in the industry, with a cumulative knowledge and experience equal to 60+ human years. We’ve been involved in digital dentistry since the beginning, and have relied on superior intelligence and insights to improve the dental lab system by automating the process from start to finish. Our operation is no vending machine; it is an advanced neural network. Best of all, streamlining our operations came at no cost to the quality of our dental restorations.

The Leaders Of The Digital Dentistry Revolution

Our mission is to provide dental offices and patients around the world with better restorations, faster, and for less. We’re so confident that our droids can build the perfect shape and shade for your restoration that each product comes with a no-questions lifetime guarantee. If for any reason the tooth doesn’t match, we will replace it with no questions asked. Terms and conditions apply, contact us for more information.

Cutting Edge Technologies

Our droids utilize additive and subtractive manufacturing to produce multilayer zirconia crowns. We are experts in 3D printing, CNC machining, advanced imaging, RISe Sintering™ (Rapid Interval Sintering), and much more. With our automation and digitized workflow, our repeatability sets a new standard output for the industry. With 6 microns accuracy, 1100 MPA flexural strength, 24-72 hour manufacturing time, and a lifetime guarantee, you might think that we are cyborgs…because we kind of are.

A Modern Solution For Dentists

Droids don’t wait around for paper-mail, processing, or face-to-face communication. We operate on a 100% digital workflow, allowing you to manage your repeat orders online more easily and submit intra-oral scans instantly, all on your own time. We broke the dental lab model – we’ve automated the entire process so that you can save time and money with better quality restorations. Not convinced yet? All Droid Dental orders are backed by a lifetime guarantee. Get started by learning how to place your first order today!

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