Full Contour
Zirconia Crowns

Singular Focus, Superior Results

We’re all about saving dentists and their patients time and money. That’s why we’ve chosen to focus all of our effort and resources into one remarkable product: modeless full-contour zirconia crowns. Focusing solely on zirconia crowns allows us to save valuable time and resources on our end, ensuring a faster turnaround without compromising on quality.

See how our processes create aesthetically beautiful, high-quality zirconia crowns starting at $69 and in as little as 72 hours.

Optimized Processes

What sets us apart is not just the precision and quality of our process, but also the speed at which it unfolds. While traditional production methods can demand 5 or more days of in-lab time, our innovative approach allows us to complete the entire process within an impressive 48 hours.

Here’s how it works:


Every physical impression is carefully scanned and imported into our advanced digital design software alongside any intraoral scans we receive. This allows us to avoid common distortions that result from stone modeling methods.


Our skilled technicians then leverage artificial intelligence technologies to annotate, select margins, and refine the precise design of each crown. The digital design then undergoes a comprehensive quality review before proceeding to the milling stage.


Our crowns are milled in-house using Tosoh zirconia. This high-grade zirconia offers the optimal balance between transparency and strength Using all domestically produced zirconia allows us to ensure quality control, supports the local economy, and is logistically more reliable than overseas suppliers.

Stain & Glaze

Once milled and sintered, our dedicated technicians apply the finishing touches by staining and glazing each crown, ensuring an exact color match to the patient’s existing teeth. After a final round of detailed quality assurance, the crowns are ready for delivery to dentist’s offices nationwide.

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